About Us

Functional Physiotherapy Glasgow is a rehabilitation centre which focuses on the health of your lower limb especially your knee to improve your function, quality of life, reduce your pain and teach you the skills and confidence to manage your own condition.

Our Head Physiotherapist, Rosemarie Quinn has worked in the NHS as a Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist for over the last 18 years and has for the last few years been heavily involved in the rehabilitation of pre and post-surgical knee conditions.

Rosemarie has a wealth of experience treating everyone from sports people, to gym goers to patients requiring joint replacements.  

Having completed triathlons, being a regular gym goer and runner Rosemarie understands the desire to stay injury free. After completing her first marathon two years after a nasty ankle fracture (with metalwork still in!) Rosemarie understands the impact pain can have and advocates the need for good quality rehabilitation to return to activity.

Rosemarie also has a keen interest in teaching others and improving standards and has recently been involved in the publication of GG&C NHS Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction guidelines used by Physiotherapists across the city.

Rosemarie has a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and a Post Graduate Masters degree in Sports Medicine. She also has a wealth of post graduate courses from Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Injection Therapy to name a few. She is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is Health Care Professions Council registered.

“As a keen exerciser who had been suffering knee pain for years but secretly ignoring it, I was delighted that when I eventually plucked up the courage to get assessed Rosemarie understood my desire to keep exercising and didn’t tell me to stop-this is what was worrying me the most! Instead after a full assessment, introducing some simple exercises and changing my technique during my workouts my knee pain has greatly improved and I have been able to keep exercising.”

Kirsty, Shawlands

“It was my first ever online physiotherapy assessment but I had really been struggling with my low back and was keen for advice. Rosemarie guided me through the assessment with ease and I felt I had been thoroughly looked at and listened to. Together we came up with a routine of stretches and exercises I could do a home and I then recieved these via email so I could keep a track of them. My back pain has been feeling much better and I feel more in control of managing it. Really impressed-thanks again.”

David, Johnstone

“After injuring my ACL years ago and struggling to decide about potential surgery I was assessed and reassured to try introducing exercise again. I attended the Group sessions at Functional Physio Glasgow which really helped with the cost of treatment and support from other people really motivated me. The Physio input was fantastic and within the group sessions and with the equipment available I was progressed to a really high level and I feel much more confident in my knee to the point I am no longer considering surgery at this point.”

James, Pollock