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At present we are not offering face to face consultations but remain avaliable via online video telehealth.

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Evidence Based, Physiotherapy Led, Specialist Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation centre is based in the heart of Glasgow City centre within Scotland’s first F45 gym.  We are highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists able to help you with any injury or pain. Whilst we treat all conditions, we specialise on the health of your lower limbs to improve your function, quality of life, reduce your pain and teach you the skills and confidence to manage your own condition.

Why us?

We have different options to suits your rehabilltation needs from 1:1 sessions to group sessions. We can assess and treat all conditions and regardless of which option you choose, your rehabilitation will be tailored to your condition and goal. So whether it’s a new or a chronic injury / pain, a recent surgery i.e joint replacement or ACL repair, we provide diagnosis and tailored treatment for all conditions. We are passionate about maximising your health and achieving your goals. Our clinic is based within Scotland’s first F45 gym, which has all the necessary facilities required to reach your rehabilitation goals.

Individual Rehabilitation

Individual rehabilitation are offered to clients who would prefer individual care rather than in a small group setting for their lower limb problem. Pre and post-surgical conditions which can be more complex and require a longer period of input would benefit from a more 1:1 approach. We utilise a number of treatment modalities using the latest evidence based research.

Group Sessions

Our specialised sessions are aimed at anyone with a knee/lower limb complaint. After a 1:1 assessment with a highly experienced Physiotherapist an individualised plan tailored to your goals and wishes will be devised. Weekly sessions will focus on up to date evidence-based exercises to improve your pain and function and improve your own self confidence in how to help and manage your issue. Your progression will be monitored regularly to ensure optimal gains. In each session there will be no more than 3-4 clients at any one time.

For the latest advice on your lower limb problem and the benefits of our group rehab sessions visit our blog

Functional Physio Glasgow

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